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Harnessing veterinary technology

As a vet or veterinary nurse, you will have no doubt noticed the technological sea change in the industry. Veterinary technology waits for no vet, and without keeping a finger on the pulse of technical innovation, being left behind can be a real worry. Before you get too disheartened, read the below to see how technical innovations could help you grow your practice and move up the veterinary career ladder.

When approaching something as nebulous as industry technology, discipline is required. As a result, we’ve broken veterinary technology into three chunks. Tools are the practical uses of technology in a surgical environment. Client communication covers ways to optimise all inbound and outbound correspondence. Personal Development straddles everything from career guidance to communities. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll feel enthused about the real-life benefits of veterinary technology.


Veterinary technology has a place at the forefront of any surgical environment. From simple illumination solutions to advanced imaging and visualisation, there are practical benefits to tech in any theatre situation. Digital radiography is increasingly featuring in a new surge of technological advance providing surgeries with cost-effective in-house imaging solutions.

The practical benefit of veterinary technology isn’t limited to the operating theatre.

As a surgery grows, organising patient records becomes a priority, a robust database containing medical and vaccination histories becomes essential. As does the need to use this database to strategically communicate with your clients.

Client Communication

It is an excellent practice to build a CRM solution into your patient database. A customer relationship database is a practical use of veterinary technology to make your practice run smoothly. Scheduling visits, confirming appointments and reminding clients of their pets outstanding vaccinations by email are all clear benefits of a CRM solution.

Develop a simple and effective web presence. Starting with a website, show your potential clients where to find you and outline the services you offer. Present a brand which clients will buy into as their one-stop shop for pet care. Managed correctly, your website can be a source of new business.

Dovetail your website with a presence on social media. Facebook and Twitter (for example) are easy to use and frequented by most potential clients. Everybody loves pictures of cute animals (obtain the client’s permission) and animal memes. Its an easy win for any veterinary practice. Social media also obviously has the benefit of being ‘social’. Find new clients and build relationships with local businesses and individuals to drum up conversation and business.

Developing these skills in communication will benefit you and your business.

Personal Development

Perhaps the greatest personal benefit of veterinary technology is continuing personal development. Similar to the business benefits of the online community mentioned above, there are substantial educational benefits. Social media provides an informal space for discussions to take place. Facebook Groups are one such example of an informal, free-form place to garner wisdom.

Further to these informal spaces, are some purpose built, dedicated communities. Spaces such as Pet Professionals, VN Online and provide a professional online forum to discuss all things veterinary.

Another way to use veterinary technology for your personal development is to read blogs – much like this one! There is an abundance of industry journalism on the web. From the blogging exploits of an RVN to the formalised and technical reporting of Vet Times.

More overtly still, are the opportunities to study online. There are plenty of online courses available, though one must exercise caution to ensure their credibility. A good place to start for veterinary nurses is The College of Animal Welfare, which offers online learning alongside its more traditional offerings.

For those career minded veterinary professionals, there’s also a glut of career advice available. This RCVS guide is particularly generous in its advice.


There is a magnitude of ways to use veterinary technology to develop your business, career and skill. From the practical use of technology at ‘the coal face’, using tech as business support to developing your own abilities, tech has a place in your professional life. It’s not just something to think about for the future, technology is with us now. Ignore it at your peril.

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Vet looking at an xray - Liberty Vets Recruitment

Why should you choose Liberty Vets for your next hire?

If you are looking to make a hire, here are some reasons why Liberty Vets Recruitment are the agency you should choose:

Firstly, Liberty Vets Recruitment offers a truly professional approach towards recruitment and has extensive experience within the veterinary recruitment industry.

We are able to take the time that is needed to properly understand exactly what it is that you’re looking for – if this means us travelling to visit the practice, so we can gain a real feel for the working environment… we are more than happy to do this.

We firmly believe that if we listen properly the first time, then we will only send you candidates that we know will tick all the boxes and means you will save time having to work your way through piles of applications that don’t match your criteria.

Here at Liberty Vets Recruitment we pride ourselves on providing quality candidates, rather than just sending you every CV that lands on our desk. It is for that reason that we heavily screen our candidates before we send their CV to a potential employer.

Each candidate that we seek employment for will have gone through the following checks:

  • Right to work in the UK (Up to date Passport)
  • Visa / Work Permit (if required)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • X2 Recent References
  • Skills Competency List
  • If there are still questions unanswered and for our peace of mind, we are in contact with a local veterinary surgeon, who acts as an advisor for us. We can make contact and ask him to call any candidate to discuss any queries we may have.

It is through all of these checks that we are confident and fully committed to any candidate that we submit to a client.

Taking all of the above into account, why wouldn’t you choose Liberty Vets Recruitment?

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Dog and a parrot - Liberty Vets Recruitment

Veterinary Conferences

Are you interested in attending more veterinary conferences to meet more veterinary surgeons, nurses and industry professionals? We’ve put together a short list of links to help you find your next veterinary conference:

BSAVA Congress

London Vet Show

BVA Congress

BVNA Congress

BSAVA Scottish Congress

BEVA Congress

BCVA Congress

SEVC Barcelona

NAVC Florida

East European Veterinary Conference

ESVD / ECVD Congress

FECAVA Euro Congress

SPVS Congress

VPMA Congress

BSAVA Northern Irish Congress

LAVC Conference

WSAVA Congress

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