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6 tips to help you ace that interview

It’s natural to be stressed before a big job interview. Avoid the trauma and panic by following these six easy to follow tips:


Consider what questions you may be asked in advance, and rehearse your answers. Do this in the shower, in the car, in front of the mirror – whatever works best for you!

Also, think about some interesting questions you’d like to ask the employer as you will inevitably be asked if you have any questions.


Research the company, the industry (if it’s new to you), and if possible, the interviewer. Use your new found

Use your new found knowledge to build rapport with the interviewer, move on to things you may have in common.

Check out the company’s website and social media channels, show how thorough you have been in your research.

Arrive on time (Early)

That’s not to say you should turn up half an hour early! Five minutes early will do just fine!

Make sure you have everything ready to go well in advance of leaving home for the interview and aim to be outside the building 15-20 minutes before your interview is scheduled to start. It’s no hardship to be sat outside in the car for 10 minutes doing some final prep, rather than sweatily dashing in without a minute to spare.

Finally, nothing says “don’t hire me” than being late. Don’t do it. There’s no excuse!

Stay Calm

Relax and stay calm during your interview. You aren’t only displaying your ability to do the job, but also fit into the team.

Try to assimilate as much as possible. Balance your behaviour with that of the interviewer. Take your lead from them.

Don’t panic and start talking a million words a minute. Listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking, and give them the response they want.

Remember that you have two ears, and only one mouth!

Demonstrate your ability and knowledge

You’ve done the prep, you can do the job and you are relaxed in the interview environment. Remember to concisely demonstrate that you HAVE done the preparation and that you CAN do the job!

Don’t sell yourself short, and show what an asset to the business you’d be!

Follow up

Drop the interviewer an email, directly or through your recruitment agent to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the position.

Try to do this within 24 hours of the interview.

The Takeaway

If you’ve got an interview, the chances are the employer thinks you look good “on paper”. Remember this, and be confident. Be yourself, and remember, it’s as much about you finding out about the company as it is about them finding out about you!

Good Luck!

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Is it time to refresh your CV?

When was the last time you spent a little time to refresh your CV? Last month? Last year? Ten years ago?!

With changing trends and fashions, come challenges for all of us – large and small! Not only must businesses make sure they keep up to date with the latest marketing techniques. As individuals, we too must change and adapt to the world around us. Keep up or be left behind!

Some recruitment and career commentators have suggested that it won’t be long before the traditional CV is obsolete. Replaced by LinkedIn (and others), your job history and references will soon be a living digital record. Until then, however, we should make the most of the traditional CV format until it is gone forever.

Here are a few way you can refresh your CV:

  • Demonstrate your individuality! Show what you have achieved individually which may set you apart from anyone else.
  • Don’t over complicate it! Simple fonts and layouts are the way forward here. As much as you like those more exotic fonts, they are probably best left off your CV.
  • Spell check, grammar check, fact check! Make sure everything on your CV is accurate and presented without spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Have a plan! Decide on how you are going to organise your CV and keep to it. Having a structure ensures you keep everything you need on your CV and everything unnecessary off it.
  • Keep it updated! None of the first four points will count for anything if your latest employment and achievements aren’t listed. Have an up to date CV ready to go, just in case that perfect role comes along.

Following these five steps religiously will help you prepare for any career eventuality.

If you’d like us to help you with your CV, or find you a new rolecontact us today!

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